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ZOOM Meeting Information:

Thursday, March 10th at  9am PT/12pm ET

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Meeting ID: 924 4095 9002
Passcode: 369672
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  • Sean Bohan(openIDL) 

  • Peter Antley 
  • David Reale
  • Daniela Barbosa (Linux Foundation)
  • Ken Sayers (AAIS)
  • Megan Ebling (AAIS)
  • Joan Zerkovich (AAIS)
  • Chris Aufenthie
  • Colton Schulz
  • Tsvetan Georgiev



TSC Voting Members Attendance:

  •   Truman Esmond, VP Membership & Solutions at AAIS
  •  Jeff Carlson, Vice President Chief Architect | Enterprise Architecture and Emerging Tech, Travelers
  •  James Madison, Enterprise Data Architect, The Hartford
  •  Allen Thompson, VP Data & Analytics at The Hanover Insurance Group

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Call to order: 9am PT/12pm ET
  2. Anti-Trust, Review of TSC meeting format and participation by Truman Esmond, TSC Chair 
  3. TSC Calendar Invites
  4. (Approve Minutes from previous meeting) That the minutes of the January 13, 2021 meeting of the openIDL Technical Steering Committee, here.
  5. Agenda Review and Standing Agenda Items:
    1. openIDL Chainyard SOW
    2. TSC Meeting Discussion
      1. Form & Format
      2. Cadence
    3. New Working Group Update (and request)
      1. Architecture WG (Mondays 3pm ET, 1PM MT, Noon PT)
        1. Chair: 
        2. Vice Chair:
        3. Note: may spin off Backlog WG in the future
      2. Governance WG  (Wednesdays 3pm ET, 1PM MT, Noon PT)
        1. Chair:
        2. Vice Chair:
        3. Note: On hold until Architecture WG meets a few times
    4. Other Steering or Board committee updates
    5. Open Floor: Community input/feedback on current efforts
  6. Adjourn: 10am PT/1pm ET

Recording/Meeting Minutes

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Action Items:

  •  Architecture WG kickoff will be Monday March 3rd at 3pmET (recurring meeting time until WG decides to change it)
  •  Backlog and Governance WGs will move forward once the Architecture WG is moving forward there is consensus on the Architecture
  •  TSC voted and approved to have the TSC Meeting cadence change from Monthly to every other week (same time/zoom room)