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  1. Call to order: 9am PT/12pm ET
  2. Anti-Trust, Review of TSC meeting format and participation by Truman Esmond, TSC Chair
  3. (Approve Minutes from previous meeting) That the minutes of the April 21, 2022 meeting of the openIDL Technical Steering Committee, here.
  4. Introducing new openIDL team member Lanaya Nelson, Ecosystem Manager 
  5. Architecture WG Update:
    1. WG Chair selected (Satish)
    2. Invites to regulators (VA, CT, MS)
  6. openIDL Business Architecture Macro Use Cases( Business --> Data --> Technology --> Applications )

    1. a. openIDL Business Use Case (governance, testnet, network operations and maintenance)
    2. b. Regulatory Reporting (e.g., stat report)
    3. c. Policy screening (e.g., proof of existence)
    4. d. Disaster Mitigation (e.g., hurricane )
    5. e. Aggregate Trend Analysis
    6. f. critical infrastructure & supply chain
    7. g. … other applications that architecture enables ?
  7. What is the impact of these different types of openIDL use cases and applications on data standards, architecture and phased development priorities ?
  8. Adjourn: 10am PT/1pm ET

Recording/Meeting Minutes:

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