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The purpose of the Flood Working Group is to develop robust insurance industry solutions for insurers, brokers and reinsurers to evaluate and responsibly respond to U.S. flood risk in a secure/trusted way that will be acceptable within a regulated insurance marketplace. (agreed to at 9dec19 meeting)

The first meeting of the Flood Working Group took place at the IBM Garage in Austin, Texas on December 9. Notes from the 9Dec19 Flood Working Group Meeting are available. The following items were ratified in that meeting:

  1. The Purpose statement

  2. Volunteer/Nomination of Chairs

  3. Initial planning for next meetings and steps

Flood Working Group Member Committee

  • @Brandon Katz, KatRisk - Chair

  • Matthew Nielsen, RMS - Co-Chair

Community Members are welcome to participate in the working group. Please register your interest in being a part of the conversation on the website.

openIDL (AAIS) Support Staff:

  • @Truman Esmond , openIDL Technical Committee Chair

How to Get Involved


    Join the mailing list to receive key updates and communications


    WG calls are open for all to participate, introduce yourself on an upcoming call