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  1. Call to order: 10am PT/1pm ET
  2. Anti-Trust, Meeting Protocols and Welcome
  3. (Approve Minutes from previous meeting)
  4. Agenda Review
    1. Open Floor: call for New Agenda Items to identify/consider
  5. Second Meeting Agenda:
    1. TSC member introductions (Members)
    2. TSC Charter and Ops overview (Chair)
    3. openIDL overview and TSC resources (Ken Sayers, AAIS – TDOCS and GitHub)
  6. Standing Agenda Items:
    1. TSC efforts and status
      1. Infrastructure Members
      2. Working Groups and POCs
        1. Flood Working Group
      3. Update on migration project (Ken Sayers, AAIS-- TDOCS and GitHub)
      4. Architecture diagrams
        1. Tenets of Architecture
      5. TSC Member Engagement
      6. Member Nodes
      7. Other Steering or Board committee updates
      8. Open Floor: Community input/feedback on current efforts
    2. TSC Backlog Planning/Grooming
    3. Upcoming events and TSC schedule
      1. LF: Open Source Summit- September 27-30th- Seattle, WA
        1. AAIS Attending
    4. TSC Items to Consider:
    5. Wrap-up: To-dos and community communication
    6. Discussion: time permitting
  7. Adjourn: 11am PT/2pm ET
  8. Extended Discussion/Socialization – Chair will keep meeting open as community requests, for up to 1 hour (12pm PT/3pm ET; minutes not recorded)


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