Here we track the progress of the different projects that are interesting to the Technical Steering Committee.

Technical Steering CommitteeRegularly meeting team to discuss strategy for the openIDL architecture.ActiveTSC - Ken Sayers (AAIS) Chair

- Status Updates, project planning

- Status updates.  Discuss project planning.

- Team Updates

- Team updates, Reviewed and deferred SOW for testnet

- Pass chair to Ken Sayers

Architecture Working GroupRegularly meeting team to develop architecture solutions.ActiveAWG - Satish Kasala (The Hartford) Chair

- Platform component reviews/sketches 

- Nearing completion of scenario discussions.  Next step is to start drawing architecture and planning project.

- Discussion / progress on scenarios 

- Finished Requirements First Pass; Next: Start working on scenarios and building architecture.

Regulatory Reporting Data Model Working GroupRegularly meeting team to develop the data model inside the HDS.ActiveRRDMWG - Peter Antley (AAIS) Chair

- Personal Auto first four columns working.  Verification is next.

   - First Pass Earned Premium Calculation

- Loss Records Loaded

- Incurred Loss began

AAIS Stat Reporting on openIDLAn internal project by AAIS to implement stat reporting using openIDLActivePeter Antley (AAIS)

- High level plan through 3 LOBs.  Enlisting some help inside AAIS.  Setting up nodes.

- Plan of Implementation Reached.

Up Next \/

  1.  Extract Data from Data Lake
  2. Load Data to HDS
  3. Implement the Auto Coverage Report
ND Uninsured Motorist POCA proof of concept with ND to identify uninsured motorists.  The real goal is to prove that this technology can work and provides value.Active

ND - Chris Aufenthie

AAIS - Robin Westcott

- One carrier requested they send in hash and we will meet with them but think this is fine and any carrier can do the same.

- All One on One's complete. Doc package uploaded to wiki.  Setting up nodes.

- First carrier one on one meeting

- Kick off meeting with carriers in ND

AWG Architecture POCA joint project with TSC members to implement stat reporting on openIDL for two personal auto reports.ActiveTSC