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Friday, August 13 at 10am PT/1pm ET

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Meeting ID: 924 4095 9002
Passcode: 369672
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Agenda - TSC Meeting #1

  1. Call to order: 10am PT/1pm ET
  2. Anti-Trust, Meeting Protocols and Welcome
  3. (Approve Minutes from previous meeting)
  4. Agenda Review
    1. Open Floor: call for New Agenda Items to identify/consider
  5. First Meeting Agenda:
    1. TSC member introductions (Members)
    2. TSC Charter and Ops overview (Chair)
    3. openIDL overview and TSC resources (Ken Sayers, AAIS – TDOCS and GitHub)
  6. Standing Agenda Items:
    1. Reference implementation
    2. Working Groups and POCs
    3. Other Steering or Board committee updates
    4. Open Floor: Community input/feedback on current efforts
    1. First meeting: Establishing expectations and maintaining the TSC Backlog
    2. Open Floor: Backlog items to consider (“User Story” format)
    1. Regulatory Steering Committee – 8/16 in Columbus, OH and Virtual
    2. Open Floor: Upcoming events or items of note
    1. Comments or questions on Charter or operations; ratify TSC Charter
    2. Recommendation of moving the Regulatory Reporting Data Modeling Sub-Committee to the Regulatory Steering Committee, to be founded on 8/16
    3. Open for motions from TSC Members: New items for consideration
    1. TSC efforts and status
    2. TSC Backlog Planning/Grooming
    3. Upcoming events and TSC schedule
    4. TSC Items to Consider:
    5. Wrap-up: To-dos and community communication
    6. Discussion: time permitting
  7. Adjourn: 11am PT/2pm ET
  8. Extended Discussion/Socialization – Chair will keep meeting open as community requests, for up to 1 hour (12pm PT/3pm ET; minutes not recorded)


In advance, we’d ask of the community any items the TSC should consider be submitted through the Wiki or directly to the TSC members, or in this forum and they will be added.  Items we’d like to ensure the TSC and technical community aware of include:

  • Features or Bugs technical concerns in the openIDL technology
  • Operational or logistical challenges in learning or deploying the technology
  • Opportunities for integration, feature development or constituencies that will further the technology or add value to stakeholders
  • New Organization Types, Roles, Users or Operations
  • News, information or resources to consider in planning openIDL technology
  • Sharing successful or challenging individual experiences or interactions with our constituencies
  • Relevant and appropriate ideas, jokes, anecdotes and/or memes (fun stuff)

Please review the following resources for background and common reference:

    1. openIDL website:
    2. openIDL Wiki:
    3. Wiki TechDocs:
    4. openIDL GitHub repo:
    5. openIDL Mailing Lists:

TSC Voting Members Attendance:

  • George Zeimbekakis
  • James Madison
  • Truman Esmond
  • Allen Thompson 


  • Slides (PDF)


Meeting Notes

  • Introductions 
  • Review of TSC meeting format and participation by Truman Esmond, TSC Chair and welcome from Brian Behlendorf, Linux Foundation General Manager
  • Review of TSC Charter
    • Truman Esmond TSC Chair reviewed the proposed the Charter, James Madison moved to confirm, Allen Thomson 2nd  the motion. The TSC Charter was approved unanimously .
  • openIDL overview  and community resources- by Ken Sayers (see slides/recording) 
  • Status update on ongoing and upcoming efforts (see slides/recording)- Truman
  • Call for a vote on Reassigning the Regulatory Reporting Data Model Sub-Committee to Regulatory Reporting Steering Committee  made by Truman Esmond, - George Zeimbekakis motioned to approve, Allen Thomson 2nd the motion and motion was approved unanimously 
  • Motion to Adjourn- made by Truman - meeting adjourned

Action items

  • TSC Charter approved 
  • Motion to reassign the Regulatory Reporting Data Model Sub-Committee to Regulatory Reporting Steering Committee approved