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ZOOM Meeting Information:

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Agenda (Did not have quorum) 

  1. Call to order: 9am PT/12pm ET
  2. Anti-Trust, Review of TSC meeting format and participation by Truman Esmond, TSC Chair and welcome from Michelle Martineau, Linux Foundation Program Manager
  3. TSC Calendar Invites
  4. (Approve Minutes from previous meeting) That the minutes of the December 9, 2021 meeting of the openIDL Technical Steering Committee, here.
  5. Agenda Review and Standing Agenda Items:
    1. TSC efforts and status
      1. Working Groups and POCs
        1. Statistical Reporting/Auto RRDMWG
        2. New SIG→WG Project: MS Coastal Catastrophe
      2. TSC Backlog
        1. The following are candidate backlog items/decisions to be made:
          1. what is/are the target data architecture(s)?
          2. what is/are the target network architecture(s)?
          3. what is inside and outside the node?
          4. do we have one data model? or multiple? and what are they?
        2. Establish WG committee?
      1. Other Steering or Board committee updates
      2. Open Floor: Community input/feedback on current efforts
    1. Upcoming events and TSC schedule
    2. Wrap-up: To-dos and community communication
  6. Adjourn: 10am PT/1pm ET

Action items