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Antitrust Policy


peter antley 

Ken Sayers 

Satish Kasala 

David Reale

Brian Hoffman

Jefferson Braswell

Nathan Southern 

Allen Thompson

Yanko Zhelyazkov 

James Madison 


  1. Report from RRDMWG WG (PeterA, JeffB)
    1. Friday - car years and how they are calculated from stat plan
    2. Tomorrow Peter would like to get back into hds data modeling - going to bring in some examples - how we're making the report today sql - what is the format into which we want to transfer stat data to make queries
    3. Jeff: we've added additional requirements from a network governance security perspective
    4. We will be exploring how we onboard new communities
    5. Developing a more robust and flexible way of satisfying hds
    6. Bigger picture - need to understand what architecture of data model will look like with multiple communities in network infrastructure
  2. Continue discussion - Node Architecture and Requirements (thanks again to DaleH)
    1. openIDL - System Requirements Table (DaleH @ Travelers)
    2. Regulator Questions and Feedback (thanks EricL for joining us)




  1. openIDL - Architecture - Member Requirements Files
  2. Regulatory Reporting Requirements from Dale H - VERSION 1(Travelers)
  3. Regulatory Reporting Requirements from Dale H - VERSION 2 (Travelers)
  4. Regulatory Reporting Requirements from Dale H - VERSION 3 (Travelers)
  5. Architecture WG Requirements Table
  6. HDS Requirements WIP (JamesM @ Travelers)

Notes: (Notes taken live in Requirements document)


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