October 4, 2022

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
9am to 10am PDT/12:00PM-1PM EST
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Robin Westcott 

Lori Munn 

Sean W. Bohan 

Nathan Southern 

Jefferson Braswell 

Kim Brown

Birny Birnbaum

Megan Ebling 

Ken Sayers 

Brian Hoffman

Tsvetan Georgiev 

Kristin McDonald 

Lanaya Nelson

Patti Norton-Gatto

Susan Chudwick 

Agenda Items:

  • Latest updates from North Dakota
    • AAIS met with all of the carriers and now in the process of data collection through the end of the year - Robin & Lori. First reports due Dec. 1, Jan. 1st and February 1st. 
    • AAIS: all of meetings have taken place with states on North Dakota list. Little to no pushback.
    • Large Carrier involved are expressing interest in more direct “hands on” knowledge of the nodes
  • Lanaya outreach to: AAA, and USAA, and Nationwide especially in light of catastrophic events down south. 
  • Lanaya - CSAA - branch of AAA - innovation strong, dynamic team. Has reached out to them. Can bring us up to date on status of this. CSAA very focused on catastrophe modeling. 
  • Latest developments w/ Mississippi Dept of Insurance - crisis tracking project. 
    • Megan Ebling working on this. 
    • Internal changes have taken place that led to some lag however the interest from the Mississippi DOI is very strong.
    • POC Proposal - address-level data
  • More data/figures to be collected regarding the costs of operating a node - forthcoming! 
  • Possibility of integrating first-level stat reporting as a measure of cost savings - will prove enormously effective as a recruitment tool. 

Meeting Minutes - N. Southern

I. Introductory comments by Ms. Westcott

A. Reading of LF antitrust statement.

B. Ms. Westcott discussed modifications to the RRSC - including a more informal format and the possibility of a change in cadence. Also asked Mr. Braswell to moderate discussion.

C. Mr. Braswell presented a high level shared "rolling" agenda from shared Google document and invited others to contribute

II. Agenda 

A. North Dakota updates - Mr. Braswell asked Mr. Sayers to comment on this.

 1. Mr. Sayers pointed out that we're on schedule for November, getting data from carriers. Nodes have been and are being tested - carrier, AAIS and analytics nodes. No issues. Deployment will be done during next few days. 10 more carrier nodes will be set up. Internal testing will be done in October, they AAIS will start working with carriers 1-1 in a test node. DOT test data has been received

2. Ms. Westcott: described what it means to have this network established. Test environment set up. 1 large carrier has taken ownership over its node. Network for ND will be absorbed into larger openIDL community. Technology will be proven through POC. Mr. Braswell: in coming months, a commonality will be worked out for various applications in openIDL/community. Mr. Braswell noted that we may have issues with how OSS code is organized; there may also be issues tied to configuration and deployment. ND as an example will give us first-rate insights into issues or challenges that may arise. 

3. AAIS working with AAIS & Crisis Track re: connecting insurance data to real time crisis info. They are looking into making this application work. (This is particularly relevant now given the fallout from Hurricane Ian). Once done, it will make life for catastrophe survivors easier.  The technology can help dramatically with disaster relief and assistance. May also drive necessary changes at the government level.  

4. Ms. Westcott: encouraged those present to think of other POCs we can develop. How can we connect insurance data to third party data for specific purposes such as catastrophe relief?

B. Cost Savings 

1. Mr. Braswell pointed out long-term cost savings that will emerge from the network as a whole - we will have data in time. 

2. Ms. Ebling pointed out our ability to show great strengths and slides on a cost basis from openIDL.  Ms. Ebling discussed, on this note, her interaction and work with USAA, who are the ones driving this for disaster management. Ms. Ebling and Mr. Braswell agreed to touch base in the days ahead and share additional information.

C.  Lanaya - Outreach updates, etc. 

1. Noted that she is working on a strategic map for carrier outreach and strategic partner outreach. Just spoke with CSAA and will be setting up a call w/respective members of their team the week after next. CSAA preparing to start new initiatives. Focusing on commercial vehicle business and catastrophe as well, so timing is excellent and use cases Ms. Westcott discussed will be of interest to them.

2. Also talking with USAA and State Farm. 

3. Mr. Braswell emphasized that we are working on dramatically growing our carrier network

D. Ms. Westcott - concerns about unique reporting requirements of each state. Central to this group.

1. Invited thoughts from group on how to effectively move forward in this area. Are there places specifically we should be focused on talking about this? Clarified that she's focused specifically on what we need to do to bring community into discussions happening beyond our walls? How do we influence them?

2. Mr. Braswell raised the possibility of spreading the word in forums in other than NAIC? Mr. Hoffman: we have all the angles covered. Now we need to physically show what we can do and all of the connected uses. We are at the point of needing to demonstrate what we have.  

3. Mr. Braswell pointed to the depth of knowledge of reporting requirements had by Ms. Westcott and Ms. Munn on a state by state basis and how central that knowledge is to that discussion

E. Additional Questions/Thoughts from Group

1. None presented. Mr. Braswell asked group if everyone is amenable to having a casual style conversation moving forward. Ms. Westcott suggested reducing the meeting to every 6 weeks/2 months until packages are ready to be presented. 

2. Ms. Chudwick expressed her sense that 6 weeks to 2 months is a very long time - and raised the possibility that RRSC could be a great forum for this.

3. Ms. Westcott also raised the option of folding the RRSC into the RRDMWG; Mr. Braswell responded to the criticality of maintaining a regular cadence in terms of overall updates.

Decision: to do another roundtable meeting for Nov. And then December for a more agenda'd meeting.

Mr. Braswell adjourned the call at 12:43pm EST.



Action items: