This section contains data models, data dictionaries, and related artifacts.


OpenIDL is a decentralized network. All Participants on the network will have a Harmonized Data Store (HDS).  The harmonized data store will be powered via postgres.  While openIDL will allow multiple applications to exist the initial application being developed is focused on Regulatory Reporting. The data models described below are utilized by the Regulatory Reporting Application.  

Regulatory Reporting Application (RRA)


  1. Tables
    1. au-premium
    2. au-loss
  3. Schemas
    1. Schema
  4. Functions
    1. Car Years
    2. Auto Incurred Loss
    3. Auto Outstanding Loss
    4. Auto Earned Premium
    5. Auto Incurred Count
    6. DateDiff
  5. Reports
    1. Auto Coverage

The RRA will facilitate regulatory reporting operations for carriers, regulators, stat agents.  Personal Auto Insurance will be the first line integrated; followed by Home Owners. All Lines will be loaded via stat records based on the open sourced and approved AAIS Stat plans. For each line there will one premium and one loss table. The tables are denormalized. The tables exist in the 'openidl_base' schema. 'openidl_base' is managed by DBA team and locked down. No end users have write access to 'openidl_base'.  End Users will have Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) powers on 'openidl_ep' (ep=earned premium abv) schema.   

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