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Discussion notes:

Operating RolesOR.017/8

Node Operator

    1. Any entity operating an openIDL node on the openIDL network for their organization or on behalf of another organization(s)
    2. Node Operators could include openIDL, a Member of openIDL, an associate Member of openIDL or an Infrastructure Provider providing “node as a service” solutions to Members
    3. Node Operators are approved by the GB and TSC and are required to be Members or Associate members in good standing

Operating RolesOR.027/8

Node Owner

    1. The owner of a node on the openIDL network, regardless of where the Node is located (AWS, on-prem, etc.)
    2. Node owners could be Members, Associate Members, openIDL or Infrastructure Providers (Carriers, Stat Agents, States or openIDL itself)
    3. Node Owners are responsible for the maintenance, availability, uptime and in-consensus operation within the openIDL network. 
    4. Node Owners can have the following capabilities derived from owning a Node:
      1. Receiving Data Calls
      2. Responding to Data Calls
      3. Contributing Data
      4. Archiving Data
      5. Understanding the provenance and custody of data provided

Operating RolesOR.037/8

Node User

    1. Any entity using the openIDL network for the following purposes:
      1. Adding a data call (requesting data) to the network (States)
      2. Adding an extraction pattern to the network (Stat Agents, Carriers)
      3. Responding to a data call on the network (Carriers)
      4. Contributing Data to the network (Carriers)
      5. Storing data on the network (Carriers, States, Stat Agents)
      6. Processing data on the network (Stat Agents, Academics, etc.)

Operating RolesOR.047/8

Network Operator (openIDL)

    1. Network Operator, in this case openIDL organization, manages and maintains the ongoing operation of the openIDL network
    2. Network Operator has the following capabilities/Roles:
      1. Certificate Authority: providing operating certificates to Node Operators, adding new Nodes to the Network, certifying existing nodes on the network, revoking nodes access to the Network
      2. Monitoring: Continuous review of the “state of the network”, network health, throughput and individual Node performance/health
    3. Network Operator does not respond to Data Calls and does not contribute Data to the openIDL network

Operating RolesOR.057/8

Network User

    1. Network Users are employees of Members, Associate Members or Infrastructure Partners
    2. Network Users can 
      1. add data calls, extraction patterns to their node
      2. review data calls, extraction patterns





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