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Authentication / Authorization

UserLogin to the systemI can work
Authentication / Authorization

User Interface

UserView Drafts ListI can see the draft data callsHome / DraftsUI

UserView Issued ListI can see the issued data callsHome / IssuedUI

UserView Abandoned ListI can see the abandoned data callsHome / AbandonedUI

UserFilter List of Data CallsI see only the data calls I want to seeHome / any listUI

CarrierView a data callI can see what is being requestedHome / Data Call ViewUI

CarrierLike / Unlike a data callI can share my opinion of the data callHome / Data Call View UI

CarrierConsent to a data callI can agree to participate in the final data call reportHome / Data Call View UI

CarrierView an extraction patternI can determine if it is correct for the data call and something I can consent toHome / Data Call ViewUI

Stat AgentDeploy Extraction PatternIt is available on the data callHome / Data Call ViewUI

RegulatorCreate Data CallIt is available to carriersHome / Data Call ViewUI


Specify details of a data call

  • Name : string ( ? )
  • Line of Business : string list
  • Description : string ( ? ) 
  • Jurisdiction: string list
  • Premium Date Range : two dates
  • Loss Date Range : two dates
  • Expected Public Circulation : string list
  • Deadline : date
  • Purpose : string ( ? )
  • Detailed Criteria : string ( ? )
  • Eligibility Requirement : string ( ? )
  • Add list of participants to summary report : boolean
The details are completeHome / Data Call ViewUI

RegulatorClone Data CallA new data call is made from a similar existing data callHome / data call ListUI

RegulatorSave a Data Call as DraftThe data call is available for like / unlikeHome / Data Call ViewUI

RegulatorIssue a Data CallThe data call can get an extraction pattern and then be consentedHome / Data Call ViewUI

RegulatorAbandon a Data CallThe data call can no longer be executedHome / Data Call ViewUI

UserProvide Feedback on the applicationI can report issues or ideas to the development teamAnyUIN

RegulatorAttach a reportThe contributors can read itHome / Data Call ViewUI

UserSee the history of the data callTell what has happened to the data callHome / Data Call ViewUI

Extraction Pattern Manager

CarrierTest an extraction patternI can determine what data would be shared from my production or test data
Extraction Pattern Manager

Stat AgentCreate Extraction PatternData extraction is possible
Extraction Pattern Manager

Stat AgentTest Extraction PatternI can verify it works correctly
Extraction Pattern Manager

Stat Agent

Add filter to an extraction pattern:

  • line of business
  • jurisdiction
  • premium date range
  • loss date range

Extraction Pattern Manager

Stat AgentPublish extraction pattern to networkThe extraction pattern is visible in the UI to be attached to the data callHome / Issued Data Call ViewData Call App API

Report Manager

CarrierView data call reportI can see the result of the data call
Report Manager

Insurance Data Manager

CarrierLoad data into the HDSData is available for extraction
Insurance Data Manager

Data Call Processor

Data Call System

Run extraction patterns when needed:

  • when the extraction pattern expires, not when the consent is made
The extraction pattern provides the results necessary to create a report--Data Call Processor

Network Administration

HLF Network AdminOnboard an OrganizationThe organization can participate in the network
Network Administration

HLF Node AdminDefine details about my organization:  Name, LogoI can see my name and Logo on the UIHomeNetwork Administration

Node Administration

HLF Node AdminOnboard a UserThe user can participate in the network on behalf of the organization
Node Administration

Node Infrastructure AdminSetup the NodeThe node is up and running
Node Administration

Node Infrastructure AdminUpdate the NodeThe node is up to date with the other nodes on the network
Node Administration

Node Infrastructure AdminTroubleshoot the NodeI can identify and fix issues
Node Administration
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