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ZOOM Meeting Information:

Thursday, July 28th at  9am PT/12pm ET

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Meeting ID: 924 4095 9002
Passcode: 369672
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  • Sean Bohan (openIDL)
  • Jeff Braswell (openIDL)
  • Ken Sayers, TSC Chair (AAIS)
  • David Reale (Travelers)
  • Peter Antley (AAIS)
  • Allen Thompson (Hanover)
  • James Madison (Hartford)



TSC Voting Members Attendance:

  •  Ken Sayers (AAIS)
  • Allen Thompson (Hanover)
  • James Madison (Hartford)
  • David Reale (Travelers)

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Call to Order (KenS)
  2. Anti-Trust, Review of TSC Meeting format and Participation by TSC Chair
  3. The invitation title - can we change that and get the zoom invite in the location?
  4. TSC Activity Desk (TSC - Activity Tracking)
    1. Architecture Working Group
      1. System Requirements
      2. Roles
      3. Policies
      4. Next Steps
    2. RRDMWG Update (PeterA)
    3. openIDL Testnet SOW Discussion (JeffB)
    4. AAIS Stat Reporting using openIDL internal Project
    5. ND Uninsured Motorist POC
  5. TSC Project Management
    1. How should we track the progress on the different initiatives underway?
  6. AOB

Recording/Meeting Minutes

Discussion Items:



Action Items: